Andrew Sunter Sensei, Guest classes Thursday April 25th (ANZAC Day)

Andrew Sunter Sensei and friends, image C. Withers

Andrew Sunter Sensei and friends, image C. Withers

UPDATE: We will be at the Mt. Gravatt Showgrounds for this event – from 6:30pm. See



On ANZAC day, Thursday April 25th we will have good friend and senior aikido instructor Andrew Sunter Sensei as guest of the dojo (see brief bio ) to teach two classes. Sunter sensei is one of Aikido Yuishinkai’s most senior instructors and a regular at the republic. He will teach on the emerging topic of internal strength in Aikido Yuishinkai has shared the internal strength journey, right from that first visit to Okajima Sensei’s dojo, through the biomechanics and the more recent experiences. He has a great heart and vision for Aikido Yuishinkai as a practice and framework for the exploration of ‘Aikido without Boundaries’.

Andrew will be teaching a distillation of the most recent Bill Gleason Shihan seminar as a followup to some internal strength training we did together. Following this we will workshop some of the concepts together as we piece together the influences of this method and its existence in Aikido Yuishinkai. First class will be at 6:30pm and the second at 8pm.

Andrew will be teaching direct from the Gleason seminar, with the assumption of an internal strength framework, so I strongly encourage you to make a Sunday morning session, prior to attending, to have an introduction to the method and make best use of the opportunity.

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    Location for Sunter sensei Thursday 25th 6:30pm at the showgrounds

    Find us at the showgrounds

    see for a map

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