REED13 registrations are open!

Hi Everyone,

REED13 registrations are open avatarfor our August seminar with William Reed Sensei on

Thankyou for the very strong support and intrest we have received in the past few weeks, locally with offers of mats and help on the weekend and incredible intrest from interstate colleagues. We have finalised a very exciting programme with Reed Sensei starting on the Friday night thru to Sunday afternoon, we will also have opportunity to practice our Ki extension skills on the Saturday night with barefoot bowls.


Seminar programme

In asking our selves what we would like to learn from Reed Sensei, together with his support, deep knowledge of aikido and the latest updates from Maruyama sensei (who is preparing him as we speak) we hope the seminar program, focusing on the evolution of Aikido Yuishinkai will be enlightening to all. In preparing the programme we have learned of Sensei’s meeting with the current headmaster of the Shinkage Ryu sword school. The further refinement of Maruyama Senseis levels of practice (3 for the body and 3 for the mind) with the introduction of Nentai as a progressive step from Ryutai to the higher levels, as well as Maruyama sensei’s directive for him to undertake Nanba training and bring back to Aikido Yuishinkai (its similarity to the current internal strength movement in Aikido is profound). Full programme details are on

Preregistration (40 early bird places)

We are offering an early bird registration, by way of deposit on line at, as a thankyou for early support ( limited to 40 places) this will help us finalise our upfront commitments. We have also striven to keep costs as low as we can for all registrants. Full registration is $190 though this is reduced considerably through early bird, traveller and other discounts, single day and class options are also available.


We hope locals can offer a bed of two for the weekend to help out our interstate visitors (3 houses in the dojo are already full), who have already contacted us about places. If you are able to give back through offering a bed or  looking for a bed contact Alison and Eric on  A of number of local motels  and public transport directions have been provided as well.


We encourage you to join the Reed13 facebook event  page, to work out the minutae like whos bringing the sake. You can also subscribe to the seminar updates via the seminar website (though if you are already reading this then maybe you don’t need too. For registration forms flyer and logo please goto

 Special thanks and who’s all coming so far

Special thanks to everyone thats contacted so far with enthusiasm and told us they are coming, it’s a big job for Anthony and a little dojo to take on and co-ordinate.  We particularly like to thank locals Hanson Sensei, Sturgess Sensei from Redlands, Gam Sensei from Capalaba, Dows and Tan Sensei from Griffith,  Ellis Sensei from Logan, Mitchell Sensei from Harmony, we appreciate no end your offers of mats and assistance on the weekend it helps keep everything affordable for all and also strong intrest from Nixon-Smith Sensei and Everton dojo and Aikido Yuishinkai Australia too. We also appreciate and look forward to catching up with our interstate friends Bardos Sensei and Wagga-ites, Neal and Sunter Sensei and their dojo(s) from Sydney, Matthews Sensei willing to sit for 1/2 a day on a plane from Perth and Schnell Sensei and dojo from Melbourne (who has already booked flights – we hear thats thanks a Jetstar special!!), we also look forward to Williams and Andel Sensei from Byron Bay and Nicholls sensei from Alstonville dojo as well as many others (Nikkyo will remind us not to forget you next time)

Kanso and look forward to seeing you at Reed13!

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