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Violence doesn’t discriminate

Violence doesn’t discriminate, and nor do we. If you need to protect yourself or a loved one from unavoidable violence, it’s nice to know that the physical universe has your back. The laws of physics (and the principles of TFT) work for everybody, regardless of sexuality, gender identity, genetics, socialisation, culture, ethnicity, spirituality, size, age, health, wealth and dress sense. There’s only… Read more →

Every woman has the right to:

feel safe and be safe at home, at work and on the street; live, work, travel and socialise without harassment; and hospitalise anyone that attempts to restrict these rights through physical assault! On International Women’s Day 2017 we affirm every woman’s right to learn to use the tool of violence to save her own life, or the life of someone she loves, in a… Read more →

Violence is rarely the answer…

…but when it is the answer, it’s the only answer! Learn to use the tool of violence to save your own life, or the life of someone you love, in a single weekend. Our next TFT Live Training in Sydney is the weekend of 5–6 November. A participant at our last weekend commented, “I woke up on Monday morning knowing I had a skill I didn’t have… Read more →

Spring workshop schedule

Great Ocean Aikido Community Spring Workshop Schedule Saturday 3 October to Monday 5 October 2015 Aikido in Sydney, Camperdown dojo Schedule Day Time Session Saturday 8 to 10.30 am meditation, aiki body (solo), weapons 11 am to 2 pm aiki body (partner), aikido 4 to 5.30 pm tft Sunday 9 to 10.30 am meditation, aiki body (solo), weapons 11 am to 2 pm aiki body (partner), aikido 4 to 5.30 pm tft Monday 8 to 10.30 am… Read more →

Great Ocean Brisbane April 2015

On the Anzac Day weekend Bob and I are travelling to Brisbane for a couple of events. On Saturday we are attending a mini seminar and dan grading at Aikido Republic. Jim Nicholls Sensei, Alstonville Aikido and co-founder of Great Ocean Aikido Community, is also attending. On Sunday we’ll be training at a Shimamoto Shihan seminar  hosted by Dave Kolb Sensei… Read more →