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Mat fees keep our dojo doors open to ensure a safe training environment. They help to cover things like hall hire, affiliation and insurance and are a small investment compared to the time you put into your training while at the dojo.

Regular students train for less!

    Use PayPal for trial classes, mat fees, and uniforms below. We still accept cash payments at the dojo in the exact amount.

All payments are valid for three months from time of purchase.

Get started right away!

Suitable for any of our aikido classes: Aiki Kids, Aiki Teens or adults: two 1-hour classes to give it a red-hot go. Comes off your first month or first term mat fees when you continue.

Two-class trial AU$
Aikido adults $35
Aiki Teens / Aiki Kids $35

Aiki Teens / Aiki Kids

Term 2 starts Monday 29 April
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Aiki Teens / Aiki Kids AU$
2-class trial
give it a go!
Training once a week $150 / term
Training twice a week $225 / term
Top-up to once-a-week
Convert 2-class trial to Term fee
Top-up to twice-a-week
Convert 2-class trial to Term fee
Training outfit

If you are joining mid-term, start with a 2-class trial and we will sort the rest out pro-rata for you.

Aikido (adults)

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Aikido (adults) AU$
2-class trial
give it a go!
Aiki Regular
4 hrs / wk
$145 / mth
Convert 2-class trial to Aiki Regular
Aiki Starter
2 hrs / wk
$95 / mth
Convert 2-class trial to Aiki Starter
Aikido casual
1-hr class
Training outfit

Atemi-jutsu (TFT)

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Atemi-jutsu (TFT) AU$
Atemi-jutsu Starter
1.5 hr / wk
$95 / mth
Atemi-jutsu Regular
3 hr / wk
$145 / mth
Atemi-jutsu Committed
4.5 hr / wk
$175 / mth
Atemi-jutsu Casual
1.5-hr class

Aikido and Atemi-jutsu combined

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Aikido & Atemi-jutsu AU$
Basic mode
2 hr aiki, 1.5 hr atemi / wk
$145 / mth
Boss mode
3 hr aiki, 3 hr atemi / wk
$175 / mth
Beast mode
4 hr aiki, 4.5 hr atemi / wk
$195 / mth

Private training

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Personalised training AU$
Private class in aikido or atemi-jutsu
(excludes travel)
$75 / hr
Additional participants
(to include family/friends in your private session)
$25 / person
When we travel to you we charge $25 per hour or part thereof
$25 / hr
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