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Happy New Year 2019

Happy New Year 2019

We started a new year of training on Monday with a fresh look at the role of uke. We also worked on tenchinage, sankyō and yonkyō. We are still terrible at taking group photos but the good news is that everyone’s aiki continues to improve. Looking forward to the rest of the dojo coming back from exotic travel and various… Read more →

aikido gorilla

Oww… dude, don’t grab my wrist so hard!

I think we have all had that experience of the dojo ‘gorilla’ striking to injure or grabbing our wrist so that our hand turns red and then varying shades of purple! It’s discouraging and we wonder if we are really learning a martial art when it’s so difficult to perform the technique we are meant to be practising. So what’s… Read more →

A question of Style

There are today almost as many styles of aikido as there are other martial arts. And the variation between styles can seem quite large, so much so that many ask: what is the real aikido? It seems every dojo you visit claims to be doing the most authentic aikido. It all came about because the founder of aikido developed his art… Read more →

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