Aiki Kids and Teens Grading T1 2019

Aiki Kids and Teens Grading T1 2019

Congratulations to all Aiki Kids and Aiki Teens who graded at the end of Term 1 2019.

Scroll down for pictures!

Those promoted are:

10-kyu: Oliver

9-kyu: Harriet, Neave, Amelia, Elsa and Hannah

8-kyu: Jay

Other students made very positive progress towards their next grading. Students who joined us late in the term can look forward to their first grading next term.

We welcomed quite a few new students this term who have done a great job of beginning their training or beginning training again at a new dojo.

Keep up the good work everyone!

Many thanks to Mel for her dedication to helping kids improve and also for taking the photos below.