Atemi-jutsu and aikido

atemi-jutsu and aikido

Ō-sensei famously said that ‘aikido is 90% atemi’. While much has been removed from modern aikido to create ‘the art of peace’, an understanding of effective striking is essential to mastering aikido.

practise fighting for your life without risking your life

At Aikido in Sydney we believe this is so important and that atemi-jutsu is so integral to advanced aikido that we will not award a black belt unless a student has undertaken atemi-jutsu training.

Our atemi-jutsu practice is based on Target Focus Training (TFT), a self defence methodology created and developed in the US over the past twenty-five years. 
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As in our aikido classes, the training is cooperative and does not involve competition. Also like aikido, there is a high degree of awareness around safety. Safety is ensured in atemi-jutsu through training as slowly as necessary to guarantee the wellbeing of all participants.

Unlike our aikido general training classes, atemi-jutsu is focused exclusively on dealing with asocial violence: surviving the most critical five seconds of your life. Training in atemi-jutsu is concerned solely with learning to use violence as a tool. TFT founder Tim Larkin says, “Violence is rarely the answer. But when it is the answer… it’s the only answer!”

Atemi-jutsu sessions at Aikido in Sydney are run by Mike Allen, accredited TFT instructor.

Mike Allen

Mike “the Mechanic” Allen began training in martial arts in 1978 and is yet to take a break. Mike began his Target Focus Training journey in July 2005 and is currently the only active accredited instructor in Australia. Mike uses his 35+ years of martial arts experience combined with his 25+ years of medical experience (physiotherapy) to give clear and insightful instruction to aid clients in their understanding of violence. He is dedicated to helping all Australians develop the skill to help themselves if they are ever in danger.





Joint break matrix in Letter and A4 pdf formats linked below.