Training online at home

training online at home

We’re establishing good routines of regular training online from home while we’re unable to train together at the dojo.

Below are some guidelines on how to set up at home to enjoy online training sessions safely.

Choose a space with:

  • adequate light for you to see what you’re doing and be seen on video
  • adequate ventilation
  • sufficient floor space to practise: ideally 1.5 m in front, behind and to each side of you
  • sufficient space above you (especially for weapons training)
  • a stable, secure spot for the video communication device you’re using for training, with any associated cables tidied away

Make sure your space is clear of:

  • slip, trip and fall hazards
  • objects that could cause injury if you lose balance and fall onto them
  • sharp objects and hot surfaces
  • breakable objects
  • electrical devices and cables you’re not using for training

Take care of yourself before and during training:

  • have a water-bottle nearby to keep hydrated
  • manage temperature and airflow appropriate to your level of exercise
  • make sure the instructor is aware of any injury or medical condition at the beginning of each session
  • seek medical advice prior to training if you have any existing injury or other medical condition

Kids and teens

Parents, please monitor and assist kids and teens appropriate to their age. Kids and teens may require additional:

  • assistance in preparing a safe training space
  • adult supervision while practising

Other people

It’s a good idea to let all household members know when you’re training so they can avoid entering the space.