Save the Day

atemi-jutsu live trainingSave the Day teaches you, in a single day, how to survive your attempted murder.

It’s based on the Target Focus Training (TFT) live training program created and developed in the US over the past twenty years.

“Violence is rarely the answer. But when it is the answer… it’s the only answer!”
Tim Larkin

Save the Day is the best once-and-done training experience available in Australia.

The one-day program takes you from zero assumed knowledge to effectiveness in around 8 hours. We teach you how to survive the most critical five seconds of your life by using the tool of violence to save your own life or the life of someone you care about.

We realise this is a big claim. But if we knew of anyone that could do it better, we’d be doing their program instead.

Our confidence is based on research carried out over decades by individuals who have dedicated their professional lives to identifying what works, how best to communicate it, and how to get you doing it as quickly as possible.

TFT Live Training programs have been presented to thousands of individuals in the US and have been refined over and over again, incorporating the latest principles of adult-learning and skill acquisition, as well as feedback from participants who have survived unavoidable violence as a result of this training.

This information was originally presented over three days, then condensed into a weekend, now we provide the same information and experience packed into a single day.

The training is entirely principle-based (rather than scenario-based). You will find yourself applying your new skills creatively before lunch.

Violence is ugly, brutal and chaotic. Socialised, sane, sensible people avoid it if at all possible.

If you can walk away from a bad situation, just leave. If you can talk your way out of it, be eloquent. If you can run, run like the wind. If you can get help, do it right away.

But if you can’t walk, talk or run, and there’s no help available. What then? SAVE the Day gives you real skills you can apply immediately to any violent situation in which you fear for your life.

Why do I even need to learn this?

Should every adult know how to swim, if only enough to dog-paddle to the side of the pool? While we have safeguards in place: warning signs, pool fences, lifeguards and flotation devices, they only mitigate the risk, they don’t necessarily prevent you drowning. If you like swimming you might become really good at it, even to Olympic standard, but the ‘how not to drown’ part is covered in the first hours of training.

Similarly, every adult can learn how to survive unavoidable violence. While we build protections through awareness, education and equitable laws, they are only effective among the sane, socialised and sensible. There are individuals who are mentally ill, substance-addicted, or just plain damaged, and sometimes all three at once, who are unwilling or unable to behave in a way that respects the physical safety of others.

Of course we can’t teach you to be an elite swimmer in a single day, what we can teach you is how to save your own life if you’re ever in deep water.

What makes this different?

SAVE the Day starts where conventional self-defence ends.

You will finish the day  knowing if the worst came to the worst you have options you have practised, that you know will work. You will be able to apply new skills in situations you haven’t even imagined.

It is not a cultural/traditional martial art dressed up as self-defence. Lots of martial arts present courses on how their training could be used in a ‘real’ situation. Mostly they train for antisocial violence — attempts to impose social dominance physically — rather than asocial violence, in which a human threat attempts to end your life to suit their own sociopathic purposes.

It is not combat sport with lots of rules and a referee to enforce them. Combat sports train in socially-acceptable violence. There are weight categories, age categories, gender categories and skill categories. You won’t see a 50 kg woman matched against a man two or three times her size in competition. Combat sports have rules to prevent serious injury and competition stops as soon as a serious injury occurs.

If only the predator trying to steal your precious human life would just follow the rules! In reality they are most likely looking to exploit your disadvantage in size, strength, speed, gender, age, surprise and so on.

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