Aikido Solo practice (Hitori)

We use exercise sets from several students of the founder of aikido for specific preparation for paired and freeform practice. Each exercise set contributes to developing aikibody. Aikibody is building the body, connecting the body and applying the body to the practise of aiki principles.

Junan taiso: Exercises for health and stretching from Haruchika Noguchi Sensei

Toitsu taiso: Exercises from Koichi Tohei Sensei for coordination

Sowaisho: Exercises from Maruyama Sensei for relaxed power

Aiki taiso: Exercises from Koichi Tohei Sensei for foundational Aiki movement

Spring – for Aikibody: Exercises based on the Rites of Spring from Okajima Sensei

Core strength: Exercises from the west to develop our core through prone and supine postures to exercise the lumbar and thoracic coordination and power

Ukemi: Exercises to develop ukemi.