Aikido Techniques

Listed below are some of the traditional techniques that are practised in our dojo. There are many more variants on these techniques. Many techniques can be done in kotai level (static), juntai level (leading or intermediate) and ryutai level (moving). Some techniques can also be practised both in omote (appears) and/or ura (hidden). Omote and ura are positions slightly off the centre line of uke’s attack. Nage moves to uke’s front or open side for omote. For the ura position, nage moves to uke’s outside. Both omote and ura can end in irimi (entering) and tenkan (turning).

Following are some of the basic techniques with their translations:

Kokyunage – breath power projection

Shihonage – four direction turn and projection

Kotegaeshi – outward wrist turn

Zenponage – forward projection

Kirikaeshi – cut and return

Kaitennage – wheel/spiral projection

Iriminage – entering projection

Sumi otoshi – corner drop

Tenchi nage – heaven & earth projection

Ikkyo – no. 1 wrist technique

Nikyo – no. 2 wrist technique

Sankyo – no. 3 wrist technique

Yonkyo – no. 4 wrist technique

Gokyo – no. 5 wrist technique

Please note that there exists a multitude of other techniques, which are not listed. Some of them are however included in the following table.