Lima (low-impact martial arts) classes are for people who want to improve their physical capacity in a safe, supportive and structured environment.

  • Recovering from injury and not ready to go flat-out?
  • A bit (or a lot!) older but not ready to give up?
  • Out of shape and not really sure what you can and can’t handle?
  • Have a condition that restricts your movement?

There is no age limit, no fitness requirement, and no pressure. If you can walk through the door you’re ready to make a start.

We assess your current level of balance, stability and mobility and get you working on making improvements right away. We guide you to work at your own pace to build on your current capability, whatever that is. Just start from where you are.

The program draws on traditional Chinese and Japanese martial arts practises to help you acquire improved skills in breathing, moving and staying still. We leave out the heavy falls, big hits and competition.

If you’ve ever trained in martial arts you will gain a better appreciation of everything you’ve ever learned. If you’ve always wanted to try martial arts you will gain an understanding from the ground up. If you have no interest at all in martial arts you will simply learn how to move more effectively and efficiently.

Lima is more than a scaled-back martial arts class. The creators, Mike Allen and Andrew Sunter, have around seven decades of martial arts training between them. Mike has over 25 years working as a physiotherapist. Andrew has been involved in adult learning, training and coaching for a similar period and has been running Aikido in Sydney since 1999.

Dedicated learners themselves, Andrew and Mike are committed to sharing their unique knowledge to help clients live a longer, healthier, more fulfilling life through better mobility, stability and coordination.

Physiological change can take six to eight weeks and we recommend you take that into account when setting goals and expectations.