Sydney Boxing

Sydney BoxingBoxing and Kickboxing would seem to be as far removed as possible from Aikido, however common ground is to be found. Both arts feature light footwork and develop an awareness of distance from your opponent, However whilst the focus in boxing is on striking, Aikido chooses to subdue the opponent using their strength. Aikido is a martial art and thus is not confined to the rules or space of a boxing arena, thus you can expect to learn to deal with many different attacks (that are often the precursor to punches) such as grabbing and grappling, as well as how to subdue an opponent without causing them injury – these make it an excellent art for self defence. Aikido practice also focuses on weapons training of the sword and staff. Our atem-jutsu training focuses on the striking elements embedded in aikido, not for sport but real world self defence and understanding.


Aikido student and former boxer Charlie gives her thoughts on studying these two different martial disciplines,