Sydney Judo


Judo and Aikido people having a play

Try Aikido, its close to old school Judo, incorporating the rich weapons, strikes and joint locking techniques many of which have been systematically removed from Judo to make it suitable as an olympic sport.

Judo today is a recognised Olympic sport, in which competitors begin in a grappling position and seek to throw each other to the ground.  Behind this though is an art rich in jujitsu lineages of Japan. Judo was formed based on the success of its founder, Jigoro Kano, who defeated many of the jujitsu schools of the day in competition.  Judo progressively became a reduced syllabus of safe techniques, drawn from many ryu (thus preserving them) and has been progressively refined as a competitive Olympic sport that can be practiced in a safe manner. Weapons and striking defenses are no longer practiced.

Kano and Ueshiba (founder of Aikido) had a good relationship.  Kano sent a number of his students to learn Aikido from Ueshiba and vice versa.  One prominent student of Aikido, Kenji Tomiki, later developed his own Aikido style based on his experiences with Kano.