Why do aikido? by Cass

why do aikido?Why Aikido?

It’s hard to describe why I practice Aikido, although I do know what I like about it and no doubt these are the things that keep me coming back.

Aikido is Skills! Not tedious, boring skills — exciting, satisfying, some might say life-essential skills. But wait, there’s more…

Aikido is Strength. It’s true I notice some physical strength building through training and practice, but there’s more to it than that. There’s also a kind of mental strength, stability and presence that’s developed through training that I was hoping for but wasn’t entirely expecting.

Aikido is also Family. A community of friendly, funny and accepting others who work to develop your skills as well as their own. There’s no sibling rivalry here (although plenty of light-hearted banter) and it’s such a comfortable environment you almost don’t need to don your spiritual armour or Gi (also known as ninja jammies… well, that’s what I call them).

And finally, Aikido is FUN! I mean, who doesn’t like pretending to be Beatrice wreaking havoc in the house of blue leaves?

No, seriously