How to fold your gi top

Thanks to Jon for his question on how to fold your gi top for easy transport and storage.

We welcome any questions you have. If you’re wondering about something, there’s a good chance someone else is too

Step 1

Lay the gi top out front-up on a flat surface. Straighten as you go.Stretch the base of the back out flat

Align the left-hand (as you look at it) side seam

Fold the left side of the gi across

Align the the bases of the back and left front

Straighten the lapel from the base to the collar

Step 2

Fold the right hand side in the same way

Check that the two side seams are straight

Ensure the bases of the back and the two sides line up at the bottom

Forgetting about the sleeves for the moment, make sure the front, back and sides are stretched out flat and the collar and lapels are flat and neat

Step 3

Fold the left side of the gi across the front

Be careful not to fold the bottom corner of the right side back on itself

You are folding from the edge of the right side at the base to about half-way between the collar and the left shoulder at the top

Stretch out the sleeve

Step 4

Fold the sleeve back on itself in about half

Step 5

Repeat for the right side

Step 6

Fold up from the bottom in thirds