Atemi-jutsu Live Training, Sydney, 15–16 Sep 2018


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TFT Live Training, Sydney, 5–6 Nov 2016

Our next TFT live training weekend.

Details here:

Violence is rarely the answer…

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Spring Workshop, Sydney, 1–2 Oct 2016

Training with Great Ocean Aikido Community co-founders and dan gradings

TFT Live Training, Sydney, 3–4 Sep 2016

The first TFT live training weekend hosted by Aikido in Sydney

How to survive the most critical 5 seconds of your life

The great mat wash, Sydney, 8 May 2016

We all get together to give the mats a well-deserved clean.

Spring Workshop, Sydney, 3–5 October 2015

Annual workshop with Great Ocean Aikido Community co-founders

Shimamoto Shihan, Brisbane, 26 April 2015

Bayside Budokai

Sunday 26 April 2015, 9 am to 4 pm. Details.

A number of Aikido in Sydney students are attending.

Training and grading, Brisbane, 25 April 2015

Great Ocean Aikido Community

Brisbane Aikido Republic

Saturday 25 April 2015, 2 to 5 pm

Mt Gravatt Scout Hall, 1593 Logan Road, Mt. Gravatt

Jim Nicholls (7-dan) and Andrew Sunter (6-dan) instructing, followed by 1-kyu and 1-dan grading and a few beers after.