Dusting off the Dogi

ericat workYep its time to dust off the Dogi , starch up the hakama and get out the deodorant for a new year of training. Our first official class is this Thursday night so look forward to seeing you there.

Over the break some of us have been busy including Mike who managed to attend an internal strength seminar in Hawaii (get the low down on the aikiweb here ), its going to be a wonderful injection into our Sunday IS workshop which has been focusing on this since starting (see Getting an internal strength baseline). This Sunday I’d like to kick off with an introduction to IS training and whats in our school, before handing over to Mike for the coming Sundays, so if you’ve wanted to give it a try , this Sunday will provide something along that way.

Later on in Feb we are planning some dan gradings, a few being well over due as well as having a few visitors and some seminars are starting to line up as well