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Chasing the IS Rabbit with Science…thoughts from a recent seminar

I went to an interesting musculoskeletal research retreat recently (I had to give an invited talk, though – no such thing as a free lunch). As an added bonus it also informed my IS practise. So bear with me as I make a short story long. The insights came during a talk on investigating tendon strain, which in the achilles… Read more →

Aikido and the fundamental forces of the Universe

Aikido, like many an art form has been subjected to much scrutiny through combat effectiveness, ancient writings, opinion and more recently the sciences. Using the prism of western sciences it has been both praised or reviled. Many an attempt has been made by the Aiki/scientific community to successfully explain Aiki in this manner. There are the tawdry explanations of the… Read more →

Sunday IS Aiki

Hi Everyone , We have had a busy few months reviewing the seminar in Hawaii, some insights from Andrew Sunter and more recently from Steve Seymour in a Sunday seminar   This Sunday will focus on looking for IS in our current aikido kata and practice. Look forward to seeing you there best Danny Read more →

A Union of Opposites with Seymour Sensei

A big thankyou to Steve Seymour Sensei from Aikido Kenkyukai and Balmain dojo for his visit on the weekend. We were treated to a tour de force of Internal Strength as sensei shared from his current practice and further research into Internal Strength. Its almost a year since we visited Seymour Sensei in Sydney to find out a bit more… Read more →

Aikitaikai class with Sunter Sensei Sat 22nd Feb 3pm

Continuing the Aikitaikai dialogue of late with Sunter Sensei, Schnell Sensei and other colleagues on the path, we are delighted to have Andrew Sunter as a guest for a special session on Saturday 22nd Feb from 3pm,  ahead of the Sunday dan grading. Ever since visiting Okajima Sensei in 2005 (See Budo bums in japan) , we have pursued an… Read more →

Internal Strength: How we got started

Its about a decade ago since Andrew Sunter and I dropped by the Aikido Yuishinkai headquarters for Kansai (See Budo Bums in Japan). While we were there Okajima Sensei showed us some ‘other budo’ that in time was revealed to us through Aikido Yuishinkai. Dial forward a few years and the material was presented in Australia, fortunately Catherine Schnell captured… Read more →

AIki as an energy minimisation problem

Just back from a weekend in Sydney, where Andrew Sunter Sensei’s dojo held some inspirational gradings (see  Sydney Aikido facebook group for more info). Congratulations to one and all, and Brett from Grafton dojo who also graded. The day before there was some opportunity to share a little something we have been working on up here in Brisbane. I’ve been… Read more →

Osaka Adventures With Okajima sensei

Osaka Adventures With Okajima sensei by Grant Periott Sensei, Shibucho Gold Coast Daitoryu Takumakai I regularly travel to Osaka to practice Daito-ryu with my sensei in Takumakai. This trip (May 2013), I thought I would follow up on a recommendation to meet Yushinkai’s Okajima sensei as well. Thanks to Dan James who arranged for my introduction. Arriving at Okajima sensei’s… Read more →