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AIki as an energy minimisation problem

Just back from a weekend in Sydney, where Andrew Sunter Sensei’s dojo held some inspirational gradings (see  Sydney Aikido facebook group for more info). Congratulations to one and all, and Brett from Grafton dojo who also graded. The day before there was some opportunity to share a little something we have been working on up here in Brisbane. I’ve been… Read more →

Maruyama Sensei Recommends “Soul of the Samurai”

Recently Will Reed Sensei recommended the following on his facebook page Recommended by Maruyama Sensei to understand the core of Aikido Yuishinkai as Budo. “Soul of the Samurai” Modern Translations of Three Classic Works of Zen and Bushido written by Yagyu Munenori and Zen Master Takuan. Translated by Thomas Cleary Kindle Edition also available. I also found it on… Read more →

Osaka Adventures With Okajima sensei

Osaka Adventures With Okajima sensei by Grant Periott Sensei, Shibucho Gold Coast Daitoryu Takumakai I regularly travel to Osaka to practice Daito-ryu with my sensei in Takumakai. This trip (May 2013), I thought I would follow up on a recommendation to meet Yushinkai’s Okajima sensei as well. Thanks to Dan James who arranged for my introduction. Arriving at Okajima sensei’s… Read more →

Toppling Aiki

Chris Li’s Part 3 of Analysing Aiki is a terrific read on unbalancing and the mental/physical connection between uke and nage. I think there might even be seeing some support for the humble Aikiphysics Base of Support and Topple theory, but this time from a credible source Mr. Yoshimaru’s heels are floating, the center of gravity of the triangular body… Read more →

What is Aiki?

Chris Li of Sangenkai, Hawaii provides a multipart brilliant translation of a Japanese work analysing Aiki, by a prominent student of the Daito Ryu’s Sagawa Sensei. Read on for more Its terrific food for thought with our own humble efforts to date looking decidedly shabby. Read more →

REED13 registrations are open!

Hi Everyone, REED13 registrations are open for our August seminar with William Reed Sensei on Thankyou for the very strong support and intrest we have received in the past few weeks, locally with offers of mats and help on the weekend and incredible intrest from interstate colleagues. We have finalised a very exciting programme with Reed Sensei starting on… Read more →

Andrew Sunter Sensei, Guest classes Thursday April 25th (ANZAC Day)

UPDATE: We will be at the Mt. Gravatt Showgrounds for this event – from 6:30pm. See     On ANZAC day, Thursday April 25th we will have good friend and senior aikido instructor Andrew Sunter Sensei as guest of the dojo (see brief bio ) to teach two classes. Sunter sensei is one of Aikido Yuishinkai’s most senior instructors and a… Read more →

Everything is Soutai

“Everything is Soutai” There were the confusing and somewhat troubling words that Okajima sensei left me with on my last visit to Japan.  Confusing mentally as well as  troubling that this might be the direction that the successor of Aikido Yuishinkai is headed and what might become of Aikido arts?.  With the fullness of time, and insights from around the… Read more →