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Martial arts in SydneySydney is home to many, many martial arts, rather than let an advertisement, convenience or a salesman decide what best for you, read on for introduction to the martial arts in Sydney, we apologise in advance for the bias towards aikido ;).  If you new to the martial arts we recommend you read Choosing a  Martial Arts School
Sydney  Martial Arts
Many of the martial arts are Japan based but we also enjoy a variety of other arts from Asia including Korea, Indonesia and of course China, not to mention Western martial arts like Boxing, fencing etc.
While this site is primarily about the martial art of Aikido there is a rich interaction to be had with other arts that we have enjoyed.

We compare Aikido with many of the other martial arts you may be more familar with ( Consider Aikido it might just be what you are looking for) which you will also find in Brisbane. Many martial arts have similar roots though they can differ significantly in their approaches, philosophy, combat distance and training methods.

History of Martial Arts
The ancient martial arts of Japan were clan based and known as koryu (literally old-school) arts practiced only by the samurai class.  These schools were typically secretive and when qualifications (as scrolls) such as the mokuroku, menkyo kaiden etc. were awarded, blood oaths were not uncommon. These schools (ryu) practiced many arts including swimming, horsemanship, stealth, archery, weapons and openhanded arts (jutsu). Ju means soft. Many modern martial arts such as Aikido, Judo, ninjutsu are based on these ancient koryu schools. (note there are many ways to spell jujitsu depending on translation).
Aikido in Sydney: Traditional martial arts on Sydney’s inner west for open hand, weapons and self defence. Get started today with our introductory trial lessons which introduces this fascinating martial art, originally developed on the battle fields of Japan. Suitable for women and men of all ages with a focus on open hand, traditional weapons and self defence.
New to Martial Arts in Sydney
If you new to the martial arts we recommend you read
Martial Arts Secrets – there is a lot of BS out there – here is what we think
While you may have some ideas about what you want to practice we suggest flexability, its much more important to find the right teacher than spend time doing an art you think you like with not quite the right instruction.
Here is a listing of some of the arts you will come across in Sydney, many of these arts we have had some experience in.
Sydney Ninjitsu – A sister art of aikido (with a lot more sneaking around)
 Sydney Tai chi – The chinese internal arts are quite similar to Aikido
 Sydney Sword Arts – Iaido, Kendo etc…
Sydney Systema – A great window into spontaneous body work practice